Shadows Abyss:

A Book of Poetry by L.N. Frost

When the nights grow longer, and we spend time curled up by the fire, we seek out protection from the unknown. Seeking out times of merriment and joy, yet there is always darkness in the light. Embark on a journey into a collection of urban dark poetry portraying areas of the paranormal, afflictions of the heart and mind, and questions we all face in life. There are also tales of death, love, and the reaper of death himself.

Hunted: The Immortal's Kiss

by E.L. Summers & L.N. Frost

“Why do you doubt my love, Michael? Scarlett may be family, but you were the one I was born to protect,” – HUNTED: THE IMMORTAL'S KISS

While investigating a serial killer on a rampage in Denver, a young woman discovers that she may be his next target, Scarlett Blackwater is a part of trained slayers, a group of humans and paranormal creatures trained to protect humanity from monsters, who discovers a vital secret has been kept from her. Will the secret help her put a stop to the killer or will it hinder her from doing her job? Donovan Vaslie is an ancient vampire trying to fit in to the human world, by running the bar, Sângele Vampirului with his brother Michael. It isn’t until their path cross that Scarlett realizes her interaction with the paranormal runs deeper than her career as a slayer.

Together, can they defeat the murder, or will Scarlett become another victim?

Realm of Enchantments:

A Mystical Anthology

We all wish to escape to a time where the sky is filled with mystical creatures and magic is more commonly found. Replacing not only reality but logic, what adults claim as nothing more than make believe. Yet many throughout the ages hold onto these myths and legends following traditions first created by the ancients. Embark on an epic adventure enjoying these twelve authors, and poets. See firsthand their imagination exploring the realms of fantasy filled with love, family, discovery of your true self, and a bit of dark humor.

Various fantastical short stories and poems written by E.L Summers, L.N Frost, Katelyn Young, Ben Pick, Natalie Locke, J.M. Celi, Alvin Fraser, Norbert Góra, Lucas Alan Dietsche, Jenna O’Malley, Kurt Wagner, & Samantha Preston-Morris

Ignited Melodies:

A Book of Poetry by E.L Summers

What lures us into the realm of fantasy? What makes us leave reality behind for a world created inside our head? Everyone dreams about going on adventures hoping to find things many believe are mere myths while discovering themselves along the way. In this collection of poetry, you may just find yourself lured to a world of dragons, sirens, demons, musicians, ocean adventures, and so much more. Brought to you by an author who tried to bring her own dreams to life.